Living on the Sunshine Coast may help your business attract and retain Top Talent

The Sunshine Coast has so much to offer, with a myriad of recreational activities and amenities, employment and investment opportunities and a lifestyle like no other. See just 10 reasons why you should consider living on the Sunshine Coast.

Benefits, location and commute time are increasingly important factors in attracting and retaining talent. Operating your business from the Sunshine Coast provides the perks, work-life balance and career advancement opportunities today's talent demands.


#1 A chilled atmosphere

Opposite to the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast is a real paradise for people looking for calm and serenity. Living there gives a feeling of eternal holidays. Locals are chilled and nice. Here there is zero stress, we live in thongs, enjoy a BBQ with family and friends, go to the beach and go surfing.

#2 An ideal climate

It is never cold on the Sunshine Coast. Australian will say “Be careful, winter is freezing” or again “It is winter, of course you can’t go for a swim”. But in fact, day time temperature is unlikely under 20°C and a blue sky is almost always there.
Summer is hot, sometimes really hot. The tropical climate of Queensland makes temperatures go up to 35°C in summer and days often end with a storm. Sunshine Coast has also the advantage to be spared by hail and cyclones (most of the time).

#3 Various landscapes

Sunshine Coast is famous for its stunning beaches but you can also take a dip into waterfall or even climb a mountain. The Glasshouse Mountains are situated south of the coast and have some incredible views to admire the sunset. Inland, the little town of Montville offers a particular and unique atmosphere. Its little shops all more original than others and the views from the restaurants’ terraces are a must see on the Coast.

#4 A dynamic local life

Sunshine Coast hosts numerous events all year round. Festivals, concerts and any other kind of events are often set up. Also many markets take place every week, during the day and sometimes at night (Ex: Eumundi Markets).

Sunshine coast offers many cafés, bars and restaurants of all kinds and for all budgets. Going out is often cheaper than in big cities but customer service and quality of choice stay excellent.

Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Noosa or Caloundra are the places to go to if you want to have a bit of a party. You will find many restaurants, bars and night clubs.

#5 A very accessible region

Sunshine Coast is situated only an hour away from Brisbane. Buses and trains are linking them every day for around $20.

An airport is also serving the area. Situated in Maroochydore, in the heart of the coast, it allows you to go to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Auckland. It will soon also welcome international flights!

Finally, the Sunshine Coast is only two hours away from Fraser Island, making it a privileged destination for a weekend away.

#6 A perfect place to have a family

Between city and countryside, the Sunshine Coast is a perfect place to have your family. The area is calm and feels secure. The crime rate is extremely low. Locals, with a strong community spirit, follow the law and watch their neighbourhood.

The diversity of landscapes is also a great bonus for families. It is possible to spend the day at the beach as well as in the forest. Many parks allow you to enjoy the sun around a BBQ or kids playgrounds.

Finally, the beach is really secure. There are no crocodiles, deadly jellyfish and not many sharks. Going for a swim in Sunshine Coast is at low risks. There is sometimes an alert but there was never a shark attack in the area.

#7 The price of accommodation

Accommodation price in Sunshine Coast is much lower than in cities. You will find, for the same price as a room in Sydney, a three bedroom house. Bonus, you will most of the time be less than 15min away from rivers or beaches. Some places such as Noosa, Maroochydore or Mooloolaba are a bit overpriced. However the average stays really interesting. Add the paradise like area to this, difficult to find better.

#8 The traffic

Locals will tell you summer is super busy. However, traffic is calm enough. There are no rush hours, traffic jam or beeping. Besides, lights are almost non-existing in the area. You will find them in the main cities of the region but most of the places have only got little roundabouts to regulate the traffic.

#9 Plenty of surfing spots

Sunshine Coast is full of surfing spots. From sunrise to sunset, the coastal line is full of surfers of any age. Beginners and professionals find their happiness; there are waves for all levels! Noosa had got a few easy spots, perfect for beginners whereas Maroochydore has got bigger waves. Of course, in surf everything is about weather. It is your job to get out there and look for the ideal wave.

#10 The fauna

The region is full of wildlife. Lizards, koalas, whales, kangaroos or the famous bush turkey, you won’t miss out on meeting some animals. Open your eyes and keep an eye on the side of the road, you might get lucky and see some wild horses or kangaroos. In winter, whales travel along the coast, you will see them jumping and playing with their newborn, sometimes extremely close from the shore. And of course, the region is home to the iconic, Australia Zoo, home of the late Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.

Curious what innovation lives on the Sunshine Coast?

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