Innovation Centre member companies continue to recruit talent from USC, with both Terragen and the [ui!] GROUP staffing their ranks with both former graduates and current students.

Terragen Biotech

Terragen is an Australian agricultural biotech company whose technology is based on naturally occurring micro-organisms. They harness the power of the natural world, while reducing reliance on chemicals and antibiotics, for the benefit of farmers and the environment. Six USC students and graduates currently work as research staff and interns.

“Being at the Innovation Centre and working within the larger university community enables us to develop strong cooperative and productive relationships with both the Sunshine Coast entrepreneur and academic worlds,” said Terragen CEO, Justus Homburg. “These connections enable us to get to know students and form relationships from which both parties’ benefit. The quality of USC’s educational programs is obvious as the students who choose to spend time with us are of high calibre.”

Currently working for Terragen are:

Tayhla Weir, USC honours graduate, permanent Terragen Research Staff member;

Ben Hawthorne, USC honours graduate, permanent Terragen Research Staff member;

Baharah Owrangi, recent USC graduate, now into her second term as an intern;

Ameh James, USC PhD candidate, now into his first term as an intern;

Laura Anderson, USC Biomedical Engineering student, now into her first term as an intern;

Malin Olsson, USC PhD student, now working with Terragen on a research project led by Professor David McMillan.


[ui!] GROUP

[ui!] GROUP is a global company advising municipalities, cities and metropolitan regions on strategic planning for the realization of ambitious smart city objectives, including climate change impact mitigation, traffic and parking management, infrastructure upgrades and new energy strategies for even smarter cities. Customers and partners include governments, energy providers and public as well as private companies.

Recent USC graduate, Tynan MacKay, has joined the [ui!] GROUP as a design and systems engineer. We asked him to give us a little insight into what he does for [ui!] and what he likes about USC and the Innovation Centre.

What do you do at [ui!]?

I do a little bit of everything, but mostly software and systems engineering — but there’s room for full-stack web development and graphic design, which I really enjoy.

What did you major in at USC?

I majored in eMedia Design, with two minors in Information Systems and Software Development.

How did you find out about the job at [ui!]?

From a classmate and friend from uni – he was employed here and got in touch when they needed to expand.

What’s great about working for [ui!] out of the Innovation Centre?

There is not a single aspect of my job that I would change. [ui!] is a startup with a fantastic culture and the people are incredible. The atmosphere at the IC is something I’ve never experienced, and the free coffee goes down pretty well.

Recommendations/ advice for graduating USC students?

Without any question of a doubt, the benefits of university extend far beyond a piece of paper. Talk to people, make connections and jump on any opportunity that comes along. You’ll never know who you meet and make an impression on.