Stories from the Red Couch with Millie Louise [craft chocolate, scientist, nutritionist] Ep 85(2019)



Millie Louise has turned her hobby into a business, Pure Mill Chocolate and hand-crafts cacao beans into exquisitely flavoured chocolates. Millie has joined the highly-regarded Grow Coastal program at the Innovation Centre at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is working diligently, honing her business skills and delivering an exceptional product into the Sunshine Coast marketplace.


Millie has degrees from the University of the Sunshine Coast in environmental science and nutrition and wanted to stay on the Sunshine Coast. As incredible as it may sound, Millie found very little opportunity to work in either field so started work at the Noosa Farmers Market and developed her hobby of chocolate making. After sharing some of her chocolates with her boss, Millie was instructed to focus her time on developing her hobby into a business.


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