Russel Gibbon

Food Entrepreneur

Russel Gibbon

I bring a demonstrated track record of building businesses and generating ideas for problem solving and business strategies.

I am presently the owner of a Branding and manufacturing business(, as well as a wholesaling/distribution business. Both of which I have taken from concept to reality and continue to build on a day-to-day basis.
Prior to this, I have owned, and operated, a number of different businesses across a range of industries both internationally and domestically.

I hold a Masters of Professional Accounting (MPA), Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness), and a Diploma in Applied Science. Further to this, I am a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and am a Nationally Accredited Mediator; gaining my qualifications through Bond University.
I have worked professionally in my varied fields of education in a number of countries and now live on the Sunshine Coast.

My passion, aside from my family, surfing and scuba diving, is about building businesses and applying my theories of business strategies into these businesses.
Furthermore, I enjoy helping businesses survive once the start-up has occurred and help in identifying solutions to problems, and to provide support for identifying growth opportunities. As well as this, I also bring a certain skill set, which I have learned both formally and through experience, specifically for conflict resolution and strategic management.

Whilst I still work in, and on, my businesses, and sit actively on company boards, I can bring real solutions and strategic planning, which I have, and do, apply to my own business and life, to those around me or whom are interested in expanding such ideas.