Rod Richards

Rod Richards

Engineering & Business Coach

Rod Richards

Rod is an inventor, entrepreneur and innovator with 30 years’ company ownership.

He has extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing, patented sawmill equipment, designing automated nursery transplanting equipment and R&D development of Australia’s first hydrostatic skid-steer tractor.

At age 21, Rod founded his first engineering business specialising in motorcycle race-engine development. He later founded a marine engineering business providing design consultancy for underwater research equipment to Australian Institute of Marine Science and James Cook University.

Rod became a Queensland Government Accredited Ship Builder and provided marine services to establish an outer reef tourism operation. Offshore sailing success includes winning 2 Brisbane to Gladstone Line Honours and holding 27 race records.

Post Global Financial Crisis, Rod founded 2 non-profit Business Enterprise Centres assisting enterprising people and new startups. Rod worked directly with 160 businesses following the 2011-12 Brisbane Floods, providing planning and implementation strategies to get business back on track. Rod has 10 years’ experience as a business educator and mentor.