Robyn Simpson

Marketing Guru

Robyn Simpson

Robyn is the Managing Director of Market Smartly and Consult Me Group, and has almost 20 years in marketing consultancy. Over that time Robyn has accumulated a unique combination of experience as a strategic marketer and educator. Her clients range from large international corporations to SME’s. Having launched four start-ups, been through the process of franchising and grown her own team from one to 23 in a little over 18 months, Robyn knows the benefits of systemising a business and using affordable and effective online solutions to manage growth efficiently. She focuses on looking for leverage and creating long-term sustainable businesses that run smartly and efficiently.

Her professional career stemmed from her position in the Senior Management Team of one of New Zealand’s largest corporations, as Brand & Marketing Manager for the Retail Division of Fonterra. Specialist areas include Retail, Professional Services, Franchising, Agribusiness and Consulting.

As a Lead Facilitator for Networx Brisbane, Robyn has a passion for marketing and business development, and is well versed in the ever-changing marketing medias and platforms available in today’s fast paced marketing world and how to apply them to grow businesses.