Robyn Pulman

Leadership & Communication Guru

Robyn Pulman

I love helping people present with impact and to feel comfortable and confident
communicating in any situation.

When you engage me to guide you in the art of presenting and pitching, you benefit
from my extensive experience working throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa in senior regional marketing positions and from my business coaching background.
For the past 20 years I have specialized in leadership and communication under the banner head of Creating Winning Habits, speaking, coaching, facilitating and
consulting. Winning is a habit – so is losing. Every day, your habits determine your
effectiveness or ineffectiveness – and say much about your character.
It is vital that your daily habits and disciplines reflect your message in order for you to be perceived as authentic and credible.

My role is to help you structure your message so it is meaningful and relevant to your audience and then to help you present with professionalism and passion.