Pomodoras Fine Foods

Balsamic Dressings, just not for salads

Made with natural preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours.

Having tasted balsamic vinegar fit for royalty, Chris Bond has a palate like no other. And it was while on a quest to create a delicious dressing all of his own, that he perfected his Pomodoras recipe, developing flavours so intense and a consistency so velvety, that it has the characteristics of an aged variety.

Chris and his wife Jodie, moved to Australia in 2005, where he continued working as a chef and broadened his horizons with new ingredients at his fingertips. They then opened their own cafe, Pomodoras Fine Foods in Maleny, where Chris says he explored new flavour combinations, wanting to make Mediterranean cuisine even more delicious through his love of balsamics.

“My orange vincotto balsamic creation makes strawberries pop with flavour, its orange zest and port base adding long sweet notes to a rocket and parmesan salad or making a risotto exciting to the last mouthful,” he says.

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