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Providing internet and content services to 1 Billion people in Africa.

Satellite covers everywhere – Core network is at our satellite teleport in Botswana. Connected to local and international fibers.
Competitive pricing – matching 3G mobile data plan pricing.
Easy network expansion – our low cost “mini-hubs” can go anywhere. Connects a community within 5km radius.
Low customer equipment costs – sub $80 to connect.
On-demand services – supplied wirelessly from the mini-hubs.
No distribution network required – eWallet and mobile money payment solutions available.

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Free Range Camping

Fresh, New, Honest & Unique. On the surface, we appear to be an online camping & business directory. What we offer is a lot more. Firstly it is a uniquely Australian Product. Developed by full time travellers for full time travellers. We know what it is that our end user wants and needs. It combines modern technology to bring the end user all the information they need all in one location.

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Pumped On Property

Who are Pumped On Property?

Pumped On Property are a full-service buyers’ agency who’ve helped our clients buy and build millions of dollars worth of property.

We help first time and established investors:

Buy existing houses, units and town houses in growth markets.
Build brand new houses in growth markets.
Build brand new dual occupancy properties with above average rental yields.

Our mission is to help you replace your income through property investing so you can do what you love…full time.

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Schoolzine specialises in digital services and communication needs for schools and organisations. Our innovative approach allows schools and organisations to produce media-rich content that engages with their teachers, parents and wider communities.

As a leader in digital school communication, Schoolzine’s services include eNewsletters with unlimited content, interactive surveys, calendars and online parent/teacher booking systems, websites and a mobile school app. All these extra features and servies have been built from schools and organisations recommendations, proving Schoolzine’s dedication to providing the complete communication platform.

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International award winning Spatap is a pocket sized SpaTap hand washer, Camp Tap & Camp Shower. Use It for Handwashing anywhere, just add water and Insert Soap. SpaTap is Eco Friendly, dispenses water in 3 Ways, and attaches to any bottle. SpaTap is used recreationally & in the Developing World.

SpaTap is a pocket sized, Eco friendly, energy efficient “one size fits all” silicone fitting for any type of bottle; transferring it into a flow controllable camp shower or camp tap.

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Tilt your phone – Change your view

Tiltsta lets you create powerful and engaging interactive mobile social marketing content.
It brings together Video, Images and HTML into a full screen mobile first experience – directly within the app webview.

The viewer can interact touch-free with the full screen ad, triggering phone and app events that are currently impossible – ultimately surpassing ‘Call To Action’.

Tiltsta enables ‘Straight To Action’ (STA) right within the mobile ad, even during full-screen videos

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tracTAG – the ID tag for everything your can’t afford to lose.

When we lose the important things in our lives – everything from our smart phone to the family pet – we rely on the actions of the person who finds it to return harmony to our lives!

Peace of mind for everything you value, tracTAG is safety and security in a connected world.

Leveraging the inherent goodwill in each of us through a clever ID tag, with tracTAG 80+% of the time, if it’s as easy as LOST>FOUND>RETURNED

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