Penelope Lane

Medical & Healthcare Expert Advisor

Penelope Lane

Penelope's purpose is to improve medical and healthcare outcomes through the application of her technical market expertise in medicine, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, private & public healthcare sectors, and providing development and implementation strategy for global corporations, niche businesses, organisations and governments across the globe.

She has successfully taken a Victorian med tech startup from prototype to capital raising, into international markets and though to acquisition. Working with leading companies, health and research organisations across the globe, she is particularly proud of her work with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation creating the sustained medical franchise "BlueStar" across South East Asia with Marie Stopes International Women’s Heath. As the CEO of Optix Advisory, her team provides niche expert advice with a focus on innovation, strategy, investment and implementation across biotech, med tech, healthcare, medicine and pharmaceuticals for domestic and international clients. In addition, she holds several board positions, peruses investment interests through Melbourne Angels and SCALE Angels, and holds a position in state government as an investment engagement and special economic projects as the Investment Manager for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technologies.