Our Mentors & Experts

Helping Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Doug Inman

IT Strategy and Technology Consultant

Robyn Pulman

Speaking and Presenting with Impact

Claire Smith

Business Model & Scale-up Expert

Michael White

Personality Profiling & Team Building

Tim Eldridge

Strategic Marketing Guru

Michelle Evans

Global Digital Media and Business Development Guru

Andrew Fern

Entrepreneur & Startup Specialist

Mark Ferris

Global Business Expert

Matt Forman

Digital Strategy Guru

David Foster

Business Executive & former CEO of Suncorp Bank

Peter Grant

Digital Strategy & Implementation Guru

Russel Gibbon

Food Entrepreneur

Colin Graham

Innovation Strategist

Nigel Hall

Entrepreneur, Startup Expert & Investor

Tomi Hamalainen

Telco, Food & Heath Entrepreneur

Greg Beaver

Executive Director / Angel Investor

Monte Huebsch

Digital Guru

Alan Johnson

Global Business Expert

Gavin Keeley

Startup & Digital Strategy Guru

Brook Kitson

Business Development Expert

Penelope Lane

Medical & Healthcare Expert Advisor

Paul L’Estrange

Global Marketing & Technology Expert

David Lumb

Business Development Expert

Bob McGannon

IT, project management & intelligent leadership master

Errika Meades

Defence industries expert

Tara Mei

Food & Bev Accelerator Specialist

Mel Messina

Advanced Manufacturing Entrepreneur

Mick Millington

Global Defence Specialist

Scott Betterridge

Risk Management & Planning Guru

Stephanie Moroz

Global Business Expert

Ross Patten

R&D Grants Expert

Mark Sprey

Product Strategy Developer

Michi Tyson

Business Agility Guru & Change Facilitator

Gideon Shalwick

Digital Strategy Expert

Sandra Arico

Change Catalyst

Howard Aron

Strategiser/Co-Founder of Youi Insurance

Robyn Simpson

Marketing Guru

Keith Steele

Business Development Expert & Advisor

Steve Huff

Entrepreneur & Startup Specialist

Leigh Kelson

Board Member | Advisor