Student Internships & Job Placements

Connecting students to real innovation and entrepreneurs, while you study

Connecting students with business

Are you a USC student looking for valuable industry connections, insights and learning opportunities?

In addition to specific course relates projects, the Innovation Centre can connect you local companies for you to experience something new in an exciting and innovative environment.

Whether it be a formal internship, work integrated learning project or work experience companies based from the Innovation Centre can help you develop enterprise skills increasing your ability to solve problems critically, creatively, and collaboratively.

Meet USC Students who are connected with the Innovation Centre

The University of the Sunshine Coast works closely with the Innovation Centre to provide a range of internship opportunities within its team and where possible the Centre's members. Whether you are studying Tourism, Leisure and Events, Marketing, Business, Science, ICT or other fields there are plenty of opportunities to gain valuable experience on the job while making a valuable difference to business outcomes.

Having enterprise skills will help you standout from the crowd.

If you are interested in the opportunity of engaging with an innovative local business here on campus, submit your Expression Of Interest (EOI) via the webform below.  These opportunities will allow you to apply knowledge and skills gained throughout their university studies and develop a practical understanding of the industry and/or profession.