Micro Harvest presented their high-health seedling production facility at the Sunshine Coast’s innovation showcase – AgVention 2019. The event attracted strong local and national interest with exhibitors poised to shape the future of agriculture. Harnessing the latest technology in lighting, sensors and climate control Micro Harvest has developed an innovative high-health facility for the contract growing of seedlings for supply to farmers. Food security is a key focus of governments globally, and as a member of the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast the business is seeking collaboration with industry bodies and growers to set a new benchmark for seedling production and work flow management.

“Micro Harvest is providing farmers and genetic owners a more secure and sustainable way to obtain premium seedlings,” said Stephen Andrews, Micro Harvest’s founder. “We tailor lighting and climate to the specific needs of each crop, enabling out of season production, shorter growth cycles, and reduced exposure to environmental risk.” He went on to say, “It’s paramount we find efficiencies and better order alignment early in the supply chain, because we can’t solely rely on the end consumer to reduce food wastage. If we can provide growers with first grade seedlings, hardened off to match their farm location, farmers will stand the best chance to have a successful crop.”

Stephen will be a speaker at the upcoming AgTech Summit on the 17-18thMarch 2020 in Sydney. The national summit will draw on the key issues facing agriculture and the growing demand for technological advancement. This platform will enable further engagement with industry leaders about the necessity for high health plant propagation, and the role it plays in food security and sustainability.


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