Get immersed in our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Innovation Centre membership provides a range of benefits designed to accelerate your development and growth.

Membership Benefits

Your membership fee entitles you to access the following benefits:

  • Flexible office space and fitout to suit your needs with secure, 24×7 swipe-card access
  • Customised incubator/accelerator program tailored to your needs
  • Mentoring advice from IC Management and Mentor Panel
  • Market-leading high-speed fibre/wireless internet and VOIP phone system
  • Access to a dynamic membership base with B2B opportunities, co-marketing, etc
  • Access to our rolodex of businesses, government and university contacts
  • Access to visiting entrepreneurs, regular events, workshops and extensive networking
  • Video/Pod casting studio, shared meeting rooms and professional reception service
  • An Online Video Strategy Discovery Session via Ben Amos, Director of Innovate Media
  • Access up to $10k in Microsoft BizSpark Program (saving you thousands on software)
  • Access up to $5k in Amazon Web Services credits
  • Free, 3 year access to ArcGIS (mapping/location software development tools, content, training, tech support)
  • Access to our in-house ICT services contractor
  • Access to free data storage startup package (approx. value $10k – IBM, Amazon or Microsoft)
  • Access to the Poole Group / Xero accounting startup package
  • Access to a range of resources (ie. prototyping, early stage capital, students, etc)
  • Access to USC’s Engage Lab and Engineering Learning Hub and research facilities (on an approved project basis)
  • Reciprocal benefits with other business incubators, including ATP Innovations, iLab, River City Labs and Angel Cube
  • Advice on offshore landing zones ie. Silicon Valley, Austin, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, etc.
  • Free Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) membership
  • Access to discounted personalised travel management services via Corporate Traveller


Our affordable monthly membership fees are tailored to suit your business, taking into account the amount of office space, mentoring and support your startup or company needs. If you’re interested in membership, apply now – once we’ve determined that your business meets our criteria, we’ll chat one-on-one about the investment required.


Not every new venture starts with the ideal team or the perfect bank balance – we get that. We’re interested in hearing your plans for growth and where you could be in six months’ time. 

When considering whether to apply, we ask that you think about the following selection criteria. These aren’t hard and fast rules, but you’ll need to tick a few of the boxes for your application to be accepted.  You may be asked to pitch to our selection panel, so be prepared to answer some of these questions… Think Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den (but nicer).

Do you have a viable business concept involving technology-based products or services?

This is the big one. Ideas are great, but you need to be able to demonstrate that your idea can be translated into a viable commercial business, and that it will have a distinct competitive advantage. 

What is your value proposition? What market problem does your business solve?

  • Have you established the technical feasibility of your product/platform – will it work?
  • Have you used a business model generation tool (e.g. Business Model Canvas) to determine where your business is headed?
  • What is your minimum viable product?
  • Who are your customers? How many of them have you met with/surveyed?
  • Do you have the ability to compete in a clearly identified market?

Are you a capable and motivated lead entrepreneur (or entrepreneurial team)?

  • Do you have the basic skills needed to make your startup a success?
  • Are you familiar with the lean startup principles and methodology?
  • Are there any gaps in your skill set? How will you fill them?
  • Are you open to being mentored and taking advice?

Is your product likely to reach market within the next year or two?

  • What evidence do you have that there is a significant market opportunity?
  • Have you done any market research?
  • How will you compete? Where is your startup’s advantage?
  • Can you provide evidence of adequate finance to cover the next phase?

Can you pay your monthly membership fee and cover your business operating costs until your startup is generating sufficient sales revenue?

  • Do you have a strategy in place for securing additional capital?
  • What’s your equity position?
  • Is your startup commercially attractive?
  • Can you demonstrate how your business will make a profit?

Is your business attractive to the Sunshine Coast region?

  • How do you see your business developing in terms of employment, exports, innovation and revenue growth?
  • Are there any potential synergies with the University of the Sunshine Coast community?

If you think you’re ready to take the leap, don’t delay – apply for membership. If you are asked to pitch to our selection panel, don’t panic: we can help you refine your answers to some of these questions.