Sandra Arico

Sandra Arico

Position: Head of Innovation and Growth at HeliMods

Sandra Arico represents the next generation of young leaders. She has been described as an enabler, a connector and a catalyst for change.

Sandra’s curiosity, drive and passion for making an impact has led her on an extraordinary journey.

Graduating from RMIT with an Entrepreneurship degree, two prestigious university awards – the RMIT Business Medal and the Patricia Guthrie Memorial Award – and a successful entrepreneurial events-based start-up, she was scouted by the CEO of Deloitte Digital to help drive digital innovation in a conservative professional services firm.

Having successfully helped Deloitte build an online education business from the ground-up, Sandra turned left and headed for the Guatemalan jungle, where she spent a year living in a remote community.

The years that followed saw Sandra bringing her vision, creativity and commercial talent to CSIRO, to start-ups and community-building initiatives, to RMIT, where she managed and grew a thriving innovation program, and to Swisse Wellness where she was Global Head of Innovation.

Sandra’s latest challenge has seen her shift gears and move north to a warmer climate, bringing her experience, passion, energy and fresh thinking to the burgeoning innovation ecosystem on the Sunshine Coast. She is currently working with aerospace tech company HeliMods and with start-ups and scale-ups through the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre.

Skillful in harnessing the capability of others and in making a positive impact, Sandra believes strongly in empowering those she works with to turn their ideas and dreams into reality.