New IC member Strucket has now fully commercialised the world’s first strainer-bucket and will be delivered to eager customers in early December 2018.  The Strucket has so many uses and was created on the Sunshine Coast by mum-of-three Kelly Lavery following an intense R&D, design and prototyping stage. The IC hosted a soft launch in January 2018 and with lots of hard work by founders, targeted IC assistance, an Ignite Ideas grant and local collaboration, this ingenious product is now ready for a messy global marketplace.

Designed to make life easier for mums and dads, the Strucket provides a cleaner home for smelly, soiled clothing and nappies. With the Strucket, Kelly has developed a strainer bucket that means you never have to stick your hands into dirty nappy water again — in fact, the Strucket will revolutionise the way people use buckets.

But Strucket didn’t happen overnight— Strucket is the culmination of three years of research, design, prototype, tooling, testing, grant applications, sourcing funding, sleepless nights and lots of help.

“The Innovation Centre from day one has welcomed us with open arms!” said Kelly. “An invitation was immediately offered for us to show case our prototype and from that many valuable connections were made, which flowed on to support for a product redesign and brainstorming session about our tooling expenses. This was an integral piece of our puzzle and contributed to us being able to bring our product to market, by decreasing our tooling costs and opening our eyes to the expensive components of our product! It certainly takes a village to raise a child and a startup product is no different. The Innovation Centre is a fantastic village to be a part of, especially when your friends and family don’t quite understand the journey you are on!”

Kelly recently received a $100,000 Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Grant enabling her to bring Strucket to market. She began manufacturing in a Brisbane facility, and will be filling orders by December.

When asked what advice she had to offer to other women starting out, “Make sure you do your research,” said Kelly. “This is an extremely valuable thing to do and one of the less expensive parts of setting up a business. It can also save you money in the future and allow you to take calculated risks. You can never do too much research! Understand your market and ensure that the business venture you are going to partake in puts a fire in your belly. Business is no easy feat and the road can be rocky but if that fire and desire is strong, it will push you through the tough times! Don’t be afraid to knock on doors and ask questions — you need to put yourself out there!

For inspiration, Kelly often referred to a quote by Erin Hanson, “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”

As part of the Strucket launch you can also win $1,000 in cash.  Find out more here.