Mark Sprey

Product Strategy Developer

Mark has 30 years’ experience bringing ideas through all aspects of the research, development and commercialisation lifecycle. He has received international recognition for the development of satellite telecommunications products, including the 2004 SSPI Innovation Award (USA), 2003 Australian Technology Showcase Award and the Institute of Engineers Australia, Engineering Excellence Awards 2001.

Mark has also successfully built up an African telecommunications company with 40+ staff based in Botswana to an independent and “self-sustaining” stage. Concerotel Botswana, through their CENE Media brand, runs wireless and satellite services throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Clients include Discovery Metals (mining), Botswana Defence Force (full satellite mobility solution), Botswana TV (broadcasting) and retail clients via their wireless and satellite ISP network across the country.

Mark has championed high growth business practices to transform his business towards an “exponential organization”, implementing automation and AI to support technical and customer service, and dashboards providing real-time information to the executive team to push autonomy and decision making to the front-line staff. We actively look for “disruptive” solutions and currently developing a business case on a game-changing technology to bring internet mobility throughout Africa by 2020.

Mark’s core commercial strengths are in developing product strategies and partnerships to bring new applications into the market.