Newly appointed Chief Entrepreneur and blockchain tech pioneer Leanne Kemp stopped by the Innovation Centre Friday, 23 November 2018 during a day-long tour to innovation hubs across the Sunshine Coast.

After a quick Q&A presentation with IC CEO Mark Paddenburg and software guru Peter Grant, Leanne provided solid feedback and guidance during a members-only pitch session.

Members who pitched to Leanne included:

Tim Eldridge, iLiveIT

Duncan Barker, Near Field Creative

Kelly Lavery, Strucket

Justin Robinson, Lode

David Quigley, Medmin

Renee Coman, Distance Assistance

Stan Kaine, Point Duty

Simon Kaplan, Urban Institute

Darrell Edwards, Forget Specs

David White, Fuel-Lox

The Everledger founder, and World Trade Board Member, runs a ground-breaking blockchain startup and is listed as one of the World Economic Forum’s most promising technology pioneers of 2018. Leanne has more than 20 years’ experience in the tech world and knows first-hand how to forge a very successful career as an entrepreneur. In her new role, Leanne will work with the government to ensure they’re doing everything possible to support Queensland companies to scale-up and expand overseas.