Keith Steele

Business Development Expert & Advisor

Keith Steele

Keith is the Managing Director of Steele Business Solutions Pty Ltd, a Commercilisation Advisor for Accelerating Commercialisation, and a Director of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. He has over 30 years experience in the discovery, development and commercialisation of new technologies and products in Life Sciences, AgBiotech and Agribusiness. He has been Founder, Chairman, Director or Business Advisor for more than 100 start-up companies in a diverse range of sectors and a non-executive director or chair of thirteen companies and four Co-operative Research Centres. He has raised significant capital and established a Venture Capital Fund.

He has been Chief Executive Officer of AgResearch Ltd.; Chief Scientist and Executive Director of Primary Industries for the Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment; Group Director MAF Technology; and a technical expert for the International Atomic Energy Agency.