Jimmi Bradbury

Global Business Expert

Jimmi Bradbury

Jimmi likes to inspire through helping people and organisations find solutions to their problems in business and everyday life. His approach of using 'how to' strategies and techniques gained from over 30 years of living and working around the world will help achieve solutions to the challenges you may currently face in your business. He has lived in London, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Manila and Australia and his international business experience includes strategic and business planning, mergers and acquisitions, company flotation and business development. He uses this knowledge, experience and his global contacts from around the world to help companies ‘start-up’, grow and expand locally, nationally and internationally. He has held the position of main Board Director of a stock market listed company with responsibility for international strategic growth and development. He was part of the senior management team at the time the group successfully implemented an IPO and floated the company on the London Stock Market in 2007.

Jimmi believes today is the most exciting time ever in our history to be alive! The excitement lies in the opportunities that flow from the daily breakthroughs in science, technology, engineering and medicine combined with the growth of the internet and social media and the change brought about by the rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, VR, AR, Blockchain, 3D Printing and Nanotechnology to name but a few disruptive trends you can’t afford to ignore. It is his belief the world will change more over the next 7 years compared to the last 150 years presenting unprecedented opportunities for us in business and life. Jimmi currently works with people from all walks of life – Olympian Athletes, families working from home, school principals, coaches, doctors and CEOs running multi-million-dollar companies. For more details please check out his website www.jimmibradbury.com including details of his business coaching and monthly online training courses.