IC Member Innovate Media won Silver at the Australian Video Producer’s Awards in Melbourne before a panel of three judges. The winning project, a Brand Story Film for Distance Assistance (also an IC member), tells the story of founder Renee Coman’s family and why she started the program — to help other FIFO community members.

We sat down with Ben Amos, the Creative Director of Innovate Media, to find out what makes filming these stories so inspirational.

What is your favourite thing about filming/editing a brand story?
For me it’s always about recognising those moments in which a business owner or founder (the subject of the brand story video) show their true, authentic passion for why they do what they do. The interview process is really where those magical moments happen, and I place a lot of emphasis on making the interview subject feel comfortable to allow openness and authenticity to shine through.

The interviews with both Renee and her husband Ben, that formed the backbone of the brand story, quickly revealed the key messages I was looking for and I knew that this edit was going to be impactful for the brand.  For this particular project, we shot some fun scenes with the whole family, and Renee and Ben’s two girls were absolute crack-ups and made the whole afternoon a lot of fun!

Why is a brand story video so integral?
When we recognise that our target audience for any business is people, and people buy from people, then the value in communicating your brand authentically through story telling becomes so clear. The fact is that people make purchase decisions based on emotions first, and stories (and video) are one of the best ways to communicate emotion. It’s all about getting your prospects to ‘buy in’ to you before you ask them to buy from you.

What do you love most about making videos? 
Video content is king online, there’s no doubt. But what I really thrive on is working with our clients to develop effective video strategy to help them grow their businesses. When the strategy is designed and implemented in the right way, a single piece of video content can be a game changer for a business, and when we nail that, that is what a love about what we do.

Innovate Media is considered one of Australia’s leading Online Video Strategy agencies. The team know that to be effective with online video, it all begins with the strategy.