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Only the Highest Quality Pitches Will Make the Final

Your Pitch Journey Starts TODAY with the destination being your final pitch - to win!

The IC Annual Pitch Competition 29 October, 2015 – APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED. VIEW APPLICANTS.


The region is home to some truly world-class entrepreneurial talent and last year $200,000 of investment was secured by competition entrants

The Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast is pleased to invite innovative businesses in the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay regions to enter the IC Business Pitch Competition 2015.

Our aim is to connect high quality local business investment opportunities to national investors representing over $40M in angel / VC funds under management.

Judges include:

  • Sujit Kalidas Investment Director – Blue Sky Private Equity
  • Kirsten Baulch, Founder– Medimobile and investor/philanthropist
  • Michael Hu, Investment Director – Arowana Co
  • Mike Greeff, Director – Sunshine Coast Mentoring and Investment Group
  • Greg Tuckwell, Director – Poole Group and CEO Zerobooks.com and angel investor
  • Elizabeth Eastland, CEO – iAccelerate
  • Nigel Hall, Investment Committee – Southmore Capital

The IC Business Pitch Competition 2015 final will be held on 29th October 2015 with the Super Seven Finalists pitching live to a panel of judges and investors.

Finalists will be eligible for $20,000 worth of prizes, mentoring, advice and introductions to venture capitalists and angel investors at the event.

Just like Shark Tank and Dragons Den – the IC event is all about the “pitch for investment” targeted at advanced entrepreneurial startups and established businesses in the market for angel, private equity or venture capital investment. Mr Mark Paddenburg, CEO, Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast said that the 2014 competition attracted investors from interstate and from Silicon Valley too – with over $200,000 of new investment secured in relation to the IC Pitch Competition.

Great entrepreneurs know the best business plan in the world isn’t worth the paper it’s written on if there is no investment to support and nurture it.  Finalists will be connected to angel, private equity and venture capital investors for an opportunity to secure the investment they require. As in previous years, these entrepreneurs have the very real opportunity to end the competition with the investment they need to scale up their business growth,” said Mr Paddenburg.

The businesses pitching should be innovative and incorporate unique intellectual property and be ready for investment. This is no easy ride, but the rewards will be worth it.

Media is welcome to attend.

Key Dates

Register to attend the Pitch Comp Final.

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Principle Sponsors:

Major Sponsors:

Supporting Sponsors:

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“The pitch competition was an excellent opportunity to refine our message and present a succinct overview of our business to highly sophisticated investors. The feedback and the publicity we received from the competition was valuable for the $3.7 million capital that we closed earlier this year.” -Stephanie Moroz, CEO, Nano-Nouvelle Pty Ltd


  1. Your video pitch will need to make it through a number of judging rounds where seven pitches will be judged at the final
  2. Finalists to pitch live at Pitch Comp 2015
  3. The top three finalists will be eligible for up to $20,000 worth of prizes, mentoring, advice and introductions to venture capitalists and angel investors at the event


  • Validation Has the pitch outlined a feasible, scalable and sustainable business model?
  • Market Opportunity Has a customer need been identified and is there a clear go to market strategy?
  • Competitive Advantage Does the business have a competitive advantage through a distinct product/service or business model?
  • Innovation Is there an innovative solution to an existing or emerging problem? Is there an intellectual property strategy?
  • Resource Requirements Have the resources (financial, team, etc) required to successfully launch and grow the venture been considered? If funding was secured how would resources be deployed?
  • Clarity Is the pitch concise, to the point, and organised?
  • Professionalism Was the delivery professional, polished and engaging?
  • Feedback Were judges questions appropriately answered?

High growth entrepreneurial firms create 72% of the revenue and 67% of the jobs in the global economy. Entrepreneurs seek out solutions to problems and commercialise them. Throughout history it has been the innovators and entrepreneurial thinkers that have dared to create solutions to the world’s biggest problems, ignoring the naysayers and daring to risk failure in the pursuit of the impossible. The IC is committed to our members and regional founders – assisting them through the Pitch Competition process to inspire investors to feel grateful they have been granted the opportunity to attend the 2015 IC Business Pitch Finals. Investors tell us that 9 out of 10 businesses raising Series A funds are not Investor-Ready. They are often great businesses, but they fail to present their strategy and investment opportunity in a way that inspires investor confidence. Unfortunately the vast majority of businesses therefore fail to raise the capital they need.