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Diego Peinado, CFO Medicsen

Company Bio: Technological Innovation for Healthcare - Personalized telemedicine to improve diabetes treatment;

Eduardo W. Jorgensen, CEO in MedicSen, medical doctor and healthcare entrepreneur. I have been executive officer for different projects (from medical school to my own ideas) and thus, I have formed and guided teams to solve complex tasks through lean startup and scientific R&D. With MedicSen (team of 20) I have raised funds in three different rounds, successfully completed 3 individual R&D projects (algorithm to predict glucose, user interface to increase adherence and non invasive drug delivery system), filed a patent and negotiated with pharma and tech companies in different countries.
My goal is to help shape the use of technology in medicine in order to increase quality of life, and I keep looking forward for new opportunities to keep learning and improving in business, technology, science and innovation.

Jasper and Geert, Co-Founders of Turbulent

Company Bio: We're redesigning Small Hydropower with a simple, bio-inspired turbine that allows anyone with a river or the rights to flowing water to become a renewable energy producer.

We are a multi-cultural team with two co-founders from Belgium. Jasper and Geert are complementary to each other with different backgrounds in economics and engineering. Jasper has Master degrees in both Finance and Law. Geert is a Master in Electromechanic and Intelligent Mobility.

The two founders respectively won several start-up challenges in 2012 and have since then worked together with success on hydro-power projects. They started to build and test the first prototype turbine since summer of 2014 (watch the story behind) , followed by the official founding of Turbulent Hydro in January of 2015.