Meet Piggy in the Middle

Mason and Dean Mayne

Lamb, pork, poultry and eggs ethically farmed and unique products including Bacon Salt and Bacon Butter.

We started by producing our own meat for our families in a way that cares for the animals, the environment and our health. We enjoyed doing this and working together and this was how Piggy In The Middle was born.

We have been trading for a number of years and have gotten to a stage where we needed to get to the next level and Grow Coastal was the right fit to help us on our way.

Mason and Dean Mayne

Every master was once a disaster.

For us we left Central Queensland specially to come to this area mainly because of amenities and market. Abattoirs, feed suppliers, markets, climate, and customers.

You can’t go wrong with anything with pork crackling. Pork Rack is the top shelf dry the skin with paper towel, oil and salt then in the oven on 180 until cooked yummy.