Meet the Hum Honey Team

Leisa Sams

Pure, raw, cold extracted honey sustainably harvested using organic beekeeping methods – Original Hum Honey, Hum Honeycomb and multi-award winning Cold Fusion cold infused honey.

I am known as Bee Girl and the Hum Honey story began over five years ago on our family farm in Peachester on the pristine Sunshine Coast hinterland. The interesting part of our story is that it has more to do with environmental conservation than farming and food production. By completing a Sunshine Coast Regional Council conservation project, we were able to establish a wildlife corridor to reconnect the property’s forest to the Stanley River for the first time in 100 years. This regeneration of the natural waterway required the planting of eight growing zones from hardwood forest to riparian rainforest species. Pollination was top of mind and it was the recollection of childhood experience of eating real honeycomb fresh from the hive that turned our conversation to beekeeping and the critical role of pollinating insects in our food chain security. News of our European honeybee hive and our organic natural practices quickly spread throughout our family and friends. Soon after we began our first commercial honey supply to a relative’s new organic wholefood store on the Sunshine Coast. The rest, they say, is Hum Honey history!

We were seeking to grow our business and were recommended by colleagues who had completed previous programs.

Leisa Sams

Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

Our family has worked and lived throughout Australia yet chose to return to our forever home on the Sunshine Coast for many reasons. It’s the climate, the pristine environment, the connected community, the diversity and it’s the opportunity to grow in all aspects. Our product is intrinsically linked to the changing flavours of the Sunshine Coast so we wouldn’t live and work anywhere else!

Although it’s hard to pick a favourite, this nourishing recipe by Matt Golinski using our multi award winning Cold Fusion Organic Lemon Myrtle Hum Honey is beyond delicious!





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