Meet Gourmet Fudge

Kimberly Durant

Decadent and delicious fudge

My love of fudge first began when I got my first weekend job at 15 in a fudge shop on the Sunshine Coast. From there I convinced my Mum to quit her job and set up a fudge shop in Caloundra for us to run together. Over the years I could see the potential for a wholesale side to the business. Our business then evolved and along the way we sourced better quality ingredients which made us unique. We expanded into wholesale six years ago and it grew so well we now focus all our energy into wholesale fresh fudge, fudge making systems and our new bespoke gift box range.

Knowing that there is so much more we can achieve but need the help to make it happen.

Kimberly Durant

Stop thinking about it, just do it. If you have an idea, be the first to get it to market. You can always improve it along the way.

I have been living on the Sunshine Coast since I was 15. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I love the relaxed lifestyle and watching the coast grow. Its a great place to have a food based business with so many other food businesses to reach out to for advice.

I can’t divulge my recipe but my favourite flavour is Hum Honey and macadamia!



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