Meet The Electropops Team

Annabel & Scott Langley

Healthy natural fruit ice blocks, full of electrolytes and made with real fruit juice.

After having 3 children I realized they are constantly being offered foods that I was not happy with. At School, sports events, birthdays and everywhere really. I wanted to make a change for my children and have an affordable alternative for all children.

Tackle on thing at a time and implement a focused strategic plan.

Its a sunny, friendly town and the beach is amazing while still being close to the bush-lands. Great for getting outdoors. this active and sunny climate lends perfectly to an Electrolyte ice block.

The pineapple / lime ice block and blend it with Vodka, extra coconut water and mint on top to make a refreshing summer drink. The taste of the Sunny Coast! Then have an Electropop for breakfast to eliminate any hangovers…….

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