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Sean Conlan

Convenient Paleo, Vegan, Allergen free bread and pasta options

I was the FIFO dad working on billion dollar structures here and overseas. My wife was raising our children by herself and dealing with increasing behavioural changes. Instead of recommended drugs and medication she looked into diet and exercise as an alternative. She chose the Paleo programme which of course takes out gluten and grain which greatly reduces the bread and pasta options. I left the FIFO job and come home. Being a stay at home dad cooking Paleo style had its challenges. Then I found Cassava. With a theromix, plenty of dud batches, and a lot of paddock talk, I started producing dough. Earth 2 Plate was born. My kids and friends loved the results. Our products taste great. We are yet to find anyone who can come up with a reason not to eat them. The Australasian starch market is over 150 million tonnes per year.

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Sean Conlan

Put integrity above all else in a food business. Ask for help from your fellow cohorts you are not alone.

Sunshine Coast is one of the best across the board of features the best place to live and raise a family. Thankfully a lot of other people feel the same way and so there is a market for quality healthy food.

Pan fried Gnocchi with some of Filips (Hand Cut Deli) burnt sage butter and some of Piggy in the Middle bacon salt. A cohort dish that results in utter silence around the table, the ultimate compliment to a meal 🙂


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