Convenient Paleo, Vegan, Allergen free bread and pasta options

Producing flat breads, wraps, roti, naan, pizza bases, gnocchi, tortillas, tacos and crisp breads

Sean Conlan was living the FIFO life when a change in circumstance meant he needed to be at home with his family. Swapping the international oil rigs for a trusty Thermomix, Sean explored alternative ingredients to feed his family and ended up sparking a brilliant idea, set to revolutionise the domestic cooking industry.

“There are more people alive at the moment, on this planet, than have ever lived and died since the start of time. How we provide food, more importantly healthy food, to maintain this population is a challenge we face.”

This powerful statement speaks volumes about Sean Conlan’s commitment to a healthy diet, particularly that of our children. And having tried and tested countless recipes, he’s struck gold with the humble cassava.

2019 GrowCoastal Demo Day