Dr Peter Isdale

Director, Intergyre Pty Ltd

Dr Peter Isdale AM has always been somewhere on the spectrum between a lab-coat, wet suit and a business suit. Along the way, he helped turn science discoveries into investment platforms for others on which to build. He’s been involved in the genesis, governance and management of a dozen companies, large and small, successful and vanished, ending his formal executive career in an ASX150 corporate suite at Transpacific Ltd. He now works with people and organisations to solve strategic and organisational dilemmas, and believes that he learns more from mentoring than his mentees do.

Author/co-author of more than 50 papers in the literature of marine science, Peter has served on 29 corporate boards over three decades, and been Chair or Deputy of a dozen of those. Now “retired” to a world of select consulting, governance and advisory service to industry and researchers, he hopes to be counted among those who helped to bring innovation, entrepreneurship and commercial sustenance to the circular economy, and who are now building the foundations of those enterprises. Beginning with the first stewardship of commercialisation from marine compounds at the Australian Institute of Marine Science in the 1990s, as the CEO leading the translation of scientific discoveries from UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience during the Smart State era, and more recently, QUT’s Bluebox, Peter has always been happy to be the “bridge” between the bench and the bank.

In 2006 Peter was made a Member of the General Division of the Order of Australia, and is an Outstanding Alumnus 1970-2010 of James Cook University, where he earned a PhD in marine science in 1982.