Dancing Bean Enterprises

Innovative alcohol-infused coffee beans and coffee products

Innovative alcohol-infused coffee beans and coffee products

Rob Mergard may have created the most innovative drink in history. Satisfying our caffeine cravings and tempting our taste buds with tipple, the clever catch is, it’s alcohol-free!

Having worked as an Aircraft Mechanical Engineer with Qantas for more than a decade, Rob entered the coffee industry in 1999, with Dancing Bean. Over the years, he began applying his engineering experience and knowledge to the coffee industry, with custom builds such as roasters and destoning equipment.

“We at Dancing Bean really empathise with this change in consumer habits. Twenty years ago, we were acknowledged as one of the best coffee companies in Brisbane. Over time, with the rise of the coffee culture, our product’s point of difference was diluted in a sea of boutique, bespoke, craft coffee companies.

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