3 Great Ideas From Our Working Lunch on Commericalisation & Personal Branding

On Tuesday the 22nd of January we kicked off 2019 with over 40 Innovation Centre members, University of the Sunshine Coast staff and local business owners to hear from Michael Freiberg and Petra Zink. With Innovation Centre CEO, Mark Paddenburg leading the conversation our panel opened up about their love for sport, how an athlete mindset is perfect for entrepreneurship and the journey of commericalising a concept. Here are 3 key ideas that came out the session.

When Cycling, Personal Branding, Entrepreneur Mindset and Sunshine Coast are combined … this is heaven for me 🙂

– Petra Zink

1. Surround yourself with a supportive community

As an athlete you have a coach, you train with other athletes, and often have an abundance of family and friends as a cheer squad on the sidelines when competing. The same applies in business. All successful entrepreneurs have had mentors, business coaches, investors in their corner, by their side, encouraging them, providing advice and holding them accountable to their own aspirations.

2. Linkedin is the number one platform for Personal Branding

Building a Personal Brand means building connections that turn into relationships that form your reputation. So whether you do so intentionally or not, everyone is creating a personal brand. LinkedIn also allows you to grow and interact with a highly targeted audience. No other platform allows you to build professional relationships, hunt for jobs, and raise your personal profile whilst getting referrals and recommendations for your work.

3. Plan for hurdles

It ALWAYS takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you think it will. Whether you are building a software solution or physical product there is the consistent battle of fixing bugs, adding new features, improving the user experience or working on scaling your solution. With that in mind, ensure your plan allows a good buffer for these challenges. Learn, focus and more quickly – always.