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Apps for Industry Group

We have developed an electronic version of the safety industry standard process of doing a “Take 5”. Our system does much more than the existing practice with paper books, allowing custom checklists to be built for each site/process and allows detailed reporting on the results of all checklists performed.

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Biowaste Solutions

Our new aerobic Bio Energy Digesters (BED) are not yet available in Australia and will significantly change waste management across multiple sectors both domestic, commercial and industrial. The machines use an aerobic system to biodigest waste at a much more accelerated rate than any technology currently in use in Australia.
This technology has the capability to completely replace landfills in Australia and providing an economic and environmentally friendly waste management system for councils, isolated communities, mining sites, island resorts, hospitals and health facilities, cruise ships and any site which need to dispose of waste in small or large quantities in clouding large agricultural operations like cane farms with fibrous waste.

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Christie’s Organic Ginger Products

Organic agriculture is a carefully designed system of food production which operates internationally to rigorous standards. It aims to grow the best food possible by understanding and working with natural processes.
At Christie’s Organic Ginger Products’ our unique and gentle processing technique ensures that the systems we use maintains the highest level of natural goodness of it’s premium grade certified organic ginger.

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Providing internet and content services to 1 Billion people in Africa.

Satellite covers everywhere – Core network is at our satellite teleport in Botswana. Connected to local and international fibers.
Competitive pricing – matching 3G mobile data plan pricing.
Easy network expansion – our low cost “mini-hubs” can go anywhere. Connects a community within 5km radius.
Low customer equipment costs – sub $80 to connect.
On-demand services – supplied wirelessly from the mini-hubs.
No distribution network required – eWallet and mobile money payment solutions available.

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Free Range Camping

Fresh, New, Honest & Unique. On the surface, we appear to be an online camping & business directory. What we offer is a lot more. Firstly it is a uniquely Australian Product. Developed by full time travellers for full time travellers. We know what it is that our end user wants and needs. It combines modern technology to bring the end user all the information they need all in one location.

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Fill My Boot

A social shipping marketplace, connecting people who need something picked up and delivered with people who are driving from A to B and can take something with them.

There are 3 areas where we believe it differs from competitors:

1 – there are no commission or transaction charges
2 – the shipper sets the price they are willing to pay for a pickup
3 – the driver sets the price they are willing to accept to collect and deliver something

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iPug is the world’s first online rewards program aimed at reducing childhood injury.

Childhood injury is the leading cause of death for children in the developed world. Through its world leading web/app platform, iPug will work with leading health insurance companies around the world to on-board their customers thereby reducing the instances of childhood injury and costs associated with the treatment of childhood injuries.

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Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre

The Feed a Local Family Program is an initiative of the Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre Inc. The concept is to minimise the stigmatising & scrutiny some people face that access the Food Banks and emergency relief providers by providing them with a cash card that allows the individual to purchase, GST free items from participating retailers by the use of this card, similar to a gift card, with an approved value attached. Feed a Local Family allows the individual receiving support the choice to purchase the food that they need and that meets theirs and their families dietary needs in a manner providing far more self-respect than receiving a food package of what is available from a Food Bank.

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MindPT’s proprietary technology carefully curates visual, audio and text based messaging through an experiential, mindfulness training session for your whole mind. Used as a tool to maintain peak performance, MindPT becomes your secret weapon to increase effectiveness, impact and empowerment whatever your goal – work, business, health, relationships, love, family – or all of the above.

MindPT’s “bite-sized” personal growth lessons features the collective wisdom of the world’s greatest transformational teachers. It’s an online and mobile personal change resource where you can check in 24/7.

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Novus Energy

Smoke Alarm Testing App – saving lives.

Novus energy are developing an app to assist home owners test and maintain their smoke alarms. The aim is to have 100% of smoke alarms in Australian homes fully operational.

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Ocean Research

Startup in scuba sports equipment focusing on digital communications.
We aim to deliver better sub surface communication systems to all scuba divers.
Our aim is to turn some innovative equipment designs into a revenue stream by capitalizing on IP.
My companies advantage is that I have designed and patented a scuba regulator/transceiver helmet ensemble that can deliver speaking and hearing to divers.

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One-click payment option with no need for any data entry, fully synced to all major accounting systems.

Control Your Bills
Imagine an overview of your supplier invoices sorted by date, showing amounts due. With no need for any data entry.
One Click Payments
Pay with no need to log into online banking. You are in control whether you want to pay now or in the future.
Reliable Cashflow
As a business owner, your clients are more likely to pay on time when it is simple. We make sure they do not forget.

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Pumped On Property

Who are Pumped On Property?

Pumped On Property are a full-service buyers’ agency who’ve helped our clients buy and build millions of dollars worth of property.

We help first time and established investors:

Buy existing houses, units and town houses in growth markets.
Build brand new houses in growth markets.
Build brand new dual occupancy properties with above average rental yields.

Our mission is to help you replace your income through property investing so you can do what you love…full time.

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Resolve 3D

Holistic design, prototyping and manufacturing service for application driven projects in a range of industries. Using up to date technology and design processes, we have the capacity to conceptualise and develop products and engineering solutions for local businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators. Projects range in complexity including electronically controlled devices, mechanical system or simple objects manufactured from any type of material.

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Schoolzine specialises in digital services and communication needs for schools and organisations. Our innovative approach allows schools and organisations to produce media-rich content that engages with their teachers, parents and wider communities.

As a leader in digital school communication, Schoolzine’s services include eNewsletters with unlimited content, interactive surveys, calendars and online parent/teacher booking systems, websites and a mobile school app. All these extra features and servies have been built from schools and organisations recommendations, proving Schoolzine’s dedication to providing the complete communication platform.

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Heath Records for the patient. Tracking and control of all your health information.
There is an App and Online Service tool that can do:
Health Tracking
Records Security
Online Listing of Service Providers
Links to other services
Community discussion
Secure online exam rooms

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International award winning Spatap is a pocket sized SpaTap hand washer, Camp Tap & Camp Shower. Use It for Handwashing anywhere, just add water and Insert Soap. SpaTap is Eco Friendly, dispenses water in 3 Ways, and attaches to any bottle. SpaTap is used recreationally & in the Developing World.

SpaTap is a pocket sized, Eco friendly, energy efficient “one size fits all” silicone fitting for any type of bottle; transferring it into a flow controllable camp shower or camp tap.

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Spare Harvest

Spare Harvest is an online interactive platform that offers gardeners the ability to connect with other gardeners so that they can share, trade or sell any garden items that they have spare with each other and their community. Our goal is to reduce backyard waste and make meaningful connections.

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‘Whole-of-house’ Solar : Forward looking, demand responsive with storage.

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S2B Connect

A sharing economy student to business connection service initially set to disrupt job recruitment eventually.

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Tilt your phone – Change your view

Tiltsta lets you create powerful and engaging interactive mobile social marketing content.
It brings together Video, Images and HTML into a full screen mobile first experience – directly within the app webview.

The viewer can interact touch-free with the full screen ad, triggering phone and app events that are currently impossible – ultimately surpassing ‘Call To Action’.

Tiltsta enables ‘Straight To Action’ (STA) right within the mobile ad, even during full-screen videos

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tracTAG – the ID tag for everything your can’t afford to lose.

When we lose the important things in our lives – everything from our smart phone to the family pet – we rely on the actions of the person who finds it to return harmony to our lives!

Peace of mind for everything you value, tracTAG is safety and security in a connected world.

Leveraging the inherent goodwill in each of us through a clever ID tag, with tracTAG 80+% of the time, if it’s as easy as LOST>FOUND>RETURNED

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Water Rat

It is a Personal Flotation Device for swimmers, and others engaged in water activities such as rock fishermen, board riders and those activities not requiring the use of a life-jacket. Its name is RAT for Rip- Aid-Tube. It is a bicycle tube connected to a gas cylinder via a special activator. The device is housed in a neoprene pouch and either worn on the waist or worn on the upper arm. Also, housed in a floatable zip lock bag it is an effective man-over-board flotation device to keep in boats.

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Whimsical Creations

My product is my thought provoking, witty and informative surreal books, zines and drawings all which revolve around metaphysical ideas and spiritual knowledge. The purpose of these are to give information on these subjects in an enlightening creative and interesting way, so that others can find out more information about this almost hidden spiritual knowledge. The information contained within the books and zines revolve around how the human mind works, our energy beliefs and thoughts, our ego and our soul, how our dreams interlock with our reality and a range of other interesting subject matter about spiritual and metaphysical knowledge.

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Student Wow Card

Student Wow Card is the Sunshine Coast student discount card. We currently have over 200 associated business and a fast growing members base.

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Hive Haven

HiveHaven is a company that has developed an innovative range of honey bee and Australian stingless native bee bee boxes. Our innovative design and technology combats major threats from overheating, spore-based disease and pests including the deadly small hive beetle, as well as hive theft, through the use of GPS tracking.

As a sustainable manufacturing alternative to hoop pine, our boxes are made from durable materials that require minimal maintenance, subsequently providing beekeepers with improved returns on their time and investment.

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