2016 Clunies Ross Awards nominations open

Clunies Ross Awards

2016 Clunies Ross Awards nominations open

Nominations for the 2016 Clunies Ross Awards open today (3 August) and will close on Friday 30 October, 2015.

There will be a new format and specific categories for the Awards in 2016.

Over the past quarter of a century the Awards have recognised contributions by dedicated individuals to the application of technology for the benefit of Australia, highlighting ATSE’s commitment to fostering innovation and commercialisation and acclaiming the work of those taking the nation’s leading technologies to the marketplace.

In recognition of the complex nature of such activities, from 2016 the Awards will be made in three categories with a single winner in each category. 

The winners will be announced at ATSE’s 2016 National Challenge Conference in Sydney, 15/16 June.

The three award categories are:

  • Clunies Ross Entrepreneur of the Year Award For those who have been responsible for the creation of a product or service with a financially successful outcome, in either an early stage or mature company environment with demonstrated impact for Australia.
  • Clunies Ross Knowledge Commercialisation Award For those who have been responsible for a technology which has been commercialised, most likely by licensing, with a financially successful outcome.
  • Clunies Ross Innovation Award For those who have been responsible for the adoption of a technology, at a stage where the financial outcomes are yet to be realised and/or the benefits are of a measurable broad community nature.

The award criteria are:

  1. The award winner has made an identifiably significant contribution to the advancement of industry and/or the community through the application of science and technology for the economic, social and environmental benefit of Australia;
  2. The award winner is able to demonstrate the impact or potential impact of the technological based innovation; and
  3. The award winner has advanced the promotion of innovators and community awareness of technological innovation.

Nomination Guidelines and the Nomination Form are online

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